About Emily.....

It is with sadness in our hearts to post that Emily passed away on March 27, 2020 after complications from a broken shoulder and pneumonia. The remaining pieces in her collection are still for sale in the online store.

Emily is gone but her artwork and crafts live on. I will be adding some more items to the online store in the upcoming weeks and possibly months! The items may not necessarily be mosaic artwork they will be items created by Emily. While each item that she made over the years is special to us, there is no way that I have room to keep them all therefore I have made the difficult decision to sell them. - Stacey Spitler, Daughter

Emily Spitler is an award-winning multifaceted artist.


Emily is a former owner of a knitting/craft/gift store in Prague, Oklahoma.  Her arts/crafts background includes knitting, crocheting, cross-stitch, crewel embroidery, ceramics and photography.  Emily started at a young age being involved in 4-H winning many awards for her sewing and cooking. She has, also, designed and sewed many dance costumes and pageant dresses for her daughter and for dance competition teams.  Even though she still knits, her main focus is now on Mosaics and Stained Glass art work. 

Each work of art that Emily creates takes many hours to pick out the colors, cut and grind the glass or tile, carefully glue to the board and then grout.  Each piece is truly a one of a kind original. Two of her works recently won 1st and 3rd Place at the 2019 Oklahoma State Fair.

Besides working on the stained glass and mosaics, she stays busy collecting recipes and working in her garden where she has been known to grow 10' tall tomatoes and okra! When she isn't trying out the new recipes, you can find her canning her homegrown veggies. She is one busy woman who never slows down! And of course, Everest, her cat, stays busy as well "Helping" by following Emily around and putting his seal of approval on her artwork.